Bir Maç Günlüğü - A Soccer Game Journal


A group of people at a cafe are watching a soccer game between Turkey and Holland, which is critical for the Turkish National Team. During the game a historic moment occurs.

Ali değil Ari Komutanım - It's Ari sir, Not Ali


The documentary "It's Ari sir, not Ali " focuses on the experiences and memories of Jewish and Christian Turkish citizens performing their mandatory military service in a country that is officially 98% Muslim. Presenting the viewers with interviews of these former soldiers, the film helps the audience members empthize and understand the difficulties and ironies of what it is like to be a marginalized minority in the Turkish armed forces.

Cemile'nin Takıntısı - Cemile's obsession


Cemile lives with her husband in an apartment. One day a family moved in the flat above. Cemile takes a plate of food to the new neighbours to welcome them and soon realizes their names: Ari and Lorin, sound strange. when Lorin offers back a plate of meatballs to Cemile, this one, confused by the food, is forced to do some research.

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